Reminder no adult SOS tonight

Sorry if you get this twice! A reminder that there is no adult string orchestra tonight. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Since there was an extra Monday last month I thought I'd just send a reminder! We meet again July 14th.


About Hillary Wagner

My name is Hillary Wagner. I teach violin, viola, and mandolin. In addition to teaching at The School of Strings with Mr. and Mrs. Eyink I teach privately in my home and I direct the Centerville Mandolin Ensemble. I play in a duo with my husband Rick. In our duo we play historic American fiddle tunes as well as Celtic, English, and Scandinavian tunes. In addition to fiddle I play Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle, mandolin, Banjo and sing. We go by the name Jim's Red Pants- we named our group after my granddad who we loved very much and miss. I also do free lance work like playing in the pit for musicals, playing in string groups for weddings, funerals, and such, and I stroll. We have two cats. They pretty much rule the house! Besides playing music I love to read mysteries and to sew.